10 Modern Kitchen Ideas You Should Copy

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It isn’t just a place where food is prepared, but a place where lots of memories are made. When it comes to putting a great kitchen together, there’s no end to the number of ideas you can put to work. Like Julia Child said, “The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” So whether you’re totally revamping your kitchen, or you’re just out to add a few touches here and there, Here are 10 modern kitchen ideas you can copy to make your kitchen more fabulous.

Low hanging pendant lights and spotlights will keep your kitchen bright and unique.
Open shelving
Open shelving makes it easier to spot what you have and where it is, and it makes your kitchen space look much bigger.
  1. OPEN SHELVING Replacing your upper kitchen cabinets with a wood or glass shelving will add to the overall bold look you want to create for your kitchen. It also makes it easier to spot what you have and where it is, and it makes your kitchen space look much bigger. Use decorative baskets or storage jars to beautify the look.
  2. COLOURED CABINETS Times are changing and it’s time to say goodbye to dull and boring kitchens. Add a splash of color to liven up your kitchen. Create a feeling of ambiance with deep blue or green cabinets, they go well with your brass and metal hardware. You’re free to combine two different but complementary colors like orange and grey.
  3. BOLD PATTERNED FLOOR Compliment your bold cabinet colors with eye-catching flooring. You can use patterned colored tiles to give your kitchen a homely feel. Ceramic tiles will never be outdated or old fashioned.   You can add some contrast with a colored or patterned rug.
  4. KITCHEN ISLAND Your kitchen island does not only beautify your kitchen, but it also allows for storage, display, and functionality. It also makes for a great informal dining table.  Improve the overall efficiency of your kitchen by adding a chic kitchen island.
  5. UNIQUELY DESIGNED STOOLS Your counter stools are just as important as your dining chairs, as they are very visible, and they can be used to add some contrast to your kitchen.
  6. MARBLE WORKTOPS Marble worktops are a top choice for a modern kitchen. Apart from its elegant look, it’s poor heat conducting properties make it cool to the touch, which is very functional in a hot and steamy kitchen.
  7. GORGEOUS LIGHTING Low hanging pendant lights and spotlights will keep your kitchen bright and unique. You can include task lighting in specific points like under your cabinet to give your kitchen a more elegant finish. Floor lighting will also modernize the look and make your kitchen one remember.
  8. WOODEN WALL PANELS Instead of painting your kitchen walls, give your kitchen some extra style with wooden wall panels. They not only create that warm, modern and natural appeal, they’re also easy to clean.
  9. SINGLE LEVER TAPS Your tap is a major focal point for your kitchen it is just as important to your kitchen design as your work surface or cabinetry. Single lever taps are simple and contemporary, they are also easy to operate. A polished chrome single lever tap adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.
  10. SLEEK HANDLES Using the right sleek cabinet handles can dramatically change the look of your kitchen. So do away with the old fashioned handles and opt for a more sophisticated bar pull.

What do you think about these kitchen ideas? You can send me an email or drop us a comment to share your thoughts.

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