10 Practical Tips to Brighten Up Your Home For Spring

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With winter quietly retreating and spring knocking at the door, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home and do some spring cleaning!

Looking for inspiration? These ten tips will get you on your way to a brighter, and cleaner, home!

1.  Clear Out The Clutter

Throughout the year, surfaces in our homes can become cluttered. Take some time to clear off these surfaces and find homes for all of your items or donate things that you no longer need. This includes shelves, coffee tables, kitchen tables, dressers, and any other surface that is used to set things on. Getting rid of some items and straightening up others can help a home to have a cleaner and more organized look.

2. Dismiss The Dirt

Dust builds up rather quickly and getting rid of it can make a home feel lighter, with the added benefit of being able to breath more comfortable, as dust contains allergens. Dust everything above eye level, such as shelves, lights, and fans. Clear out any cobwebs in the corners of rooms, and don’t forget to wipe down decorations and trinkets as well.

3. Launder Throws

Throws can be a great way to add some color to a room, as well as serving a useful purpose. However, they can sometimes be forgotten when laundry is done. Brighten them up and give them new life with a quick wash! Swapping them out for new throws or pillows can provide a new look to rooms as well.

4. Coordinate the Kitchen

With so many things in your kitchen cabinets and on countertops, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Make regular cleaning of your kitchen easier by organizing cabinets and clearing off surface space. Small totes and baskets inside of cabinets can be great to keep everything together and in one area.

5. Straighten Up Paperwork

Filing can be tedious and paperwork can pile up. Use this time to gather up any important paperwork around the house and file it away. Filing cabinets are great, but for those with less paperwork, an expanding file folder or filing box may be the way to go.

6. Move the Furniture

Sometimes it is good to have a change of scenery! Rearranging your furniture might be just what your home needs to give it a fresh new look. This is the perfect time to dust baseboards and mop under furniture as well! Get creative with it and try out different arrangements to see which one fits your style best.

7. Wash the Windows

Natural light makes everything seem lighter and more refreshed. Give your windows a thorough cleaning, including the sill, to help light stream through them more easily. Wash the window treatments along with the windows to get rid of dust and dirt. It can make a world of difference being able to see out of windows free of smudges, fingerprints, and dirt films.

8. Change Out Heavy Fabrics

Everything about winter makes us want to stay inside and make our homes as cozy as possible. This means heavy blankets and curtains. With warmer weather coming, switching to cotton and other lightweight fabrics is a great idea. Choose fabrics with fun designs, like floral, polka dots, and stripes for a fun new look!

9. Fill your Home with Flowers

Nothing says spring more than the sight of greenery and flowers. Plants make oxygen and help to keep homes healthier, and colorful flowers give a cheerful mood. Take advantage by placing some pretty flowers and potted plants in key locations around the house.

10. Brighten Up with Paint

Are dirty and dingy walls making your home feel less than extraordinary? A simple coat of paint can do wonders and make a house look new again! Choose a bright color like yellow or light blue, or choose neutrals and an accent color on one wall to really make a room pop! The possibilities are endless.

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