5 Ways to decorate your outdoor spaces

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Do you ever feel that your outdoor space needs to be a bit more exciting?  Here are a few ideas that you can choose from to turn your space into a lively one:

  1. Pots and Planters

There are multiple ways you can use planters in your outdoor space, especially balconies. A large planter with a highlighter tree like a palm, banana or ficus tree sets an area of your balcony in focus. You can also choose to create an oasis by setting multiple plants in one area, with colour coordinated pots. Wall planters are also great options for balconies as are wall shelves to hold planters.

These are also great in gardens as it can be used to add an element of interest in between the plants. Stone and ceramic planters, especially those in interesting shapes can be used in such areas.




  1. Mural

A garden mural is a great way to decorate your space and give it a new look. You can choose from tropical plants to a beach look to set the scene for your garden and to add a theme. Creating a garden mural is also a fun activity that can be done with family and friends. And if you’re worried about your artistic skills, fret not, as you can use stencils to create the look.


Tropical Style Home Decor Pineapple Candlestick



  1.  Light and Ambiance

Lights are an integral element in turning your space into a cosy one. You can choose from fairy lights strung around the plants to lanterns in a variety of shapes and styles. These add a magical quality to your outdoor space and allow you to use it at all times. Because having a tea or winding down with a drink at the end of a long day is made even better by doing it outdoors.




  1. Seating

One of the best ways to utilize your space to the maximum is to add seating to it. Seating allows you to relax and enjoy the space, be it alone or with friends and family. From reading a book to having a barbecue to having an outdoor dinner, the options are endless.

There are multiple types available to choose from when it comes to outdoor seating. You can go for bean bags or pouffes, provided they can be stored away and are protected from the weather. A variety of wood, bamboo and metal can also be used, and can be treated to protect from weather and outdoor damage.However, wicker, rattan and cane are by far the best options for outdoor seating, as they deal well with most climates, including rain.




  1. Decor

Using decor items adds a bit of your personality to your space, while also providing more pep to it. The decor choices are similar to the ones available in indoor spaces, and items like vases, decorative figurines, candles and mirrors are often used here. Choose elements that match with your theme and your space. For example, use mirrors if you have a small space, or to reflect plants and add more of a green look to the space.



Decorating your balcony or garden is a very rewarding process. It allows you the joy of spending more time outdoors, and having a space that makes you happy to use it. So go ahead and use these ideas to create your own slice of paradise.


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