9 Podcasts for Design Addicts

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9 Podcasts for Design Addicts

As an entrepreneur and busy mum I recently discovered my love for podcasts. It’s always hard to find the time for reading books and magazines. I think podcasts are so relaxing, versatile and educating. And they are perfect on the go, I particularly love them while driving. I hope you enjoy our selection of the 9 best interior design podcasts.

  1. The Chaise Lounge

The Chaise Lounge is one of the top interior design podcast in the world and hosted by Nick May. Nick owns a painting business and has been around in the industry for more than 20years. He presents different topics and designer every week. This podcast is ideal when you want to build a career in interior design.

  1. 99% Invisible

The podcast Invisible is hosted and created by Roman Mars. It relates to all kind of designs and architecture. It’s more like storytelling and makes you think to go through the world with more open eyes.

  1. A Home with Style

Finally, an Irish podcast hosted by Barbara Taylor whose Blog Living & Beauty is a great source of inspiration for everything related to interiors, decor, and beauty. At the moment there are just 2episodes but I am in the hope for more. The 2 episodes are an interview with vintageirishkat. Who doesn’t love her DIY stories on Instagram and the other one is with Darran Heaney from #oldvictoriannew.

  1. Clever: A podcast about Design

Clever is hosted by Jaime and Amy and features everything about design, like the light design, graphic design, product design, and textile design. If you enjoy interviews with creative people that’s the podcast you should listen to.

  1. Young House Love Has a Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by married couple Sherry and John Petersik who started to document their home improvement story on their blog. I found it very entertaining and is packed with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, interviews and general tips to simplify and organize your home. A must if you just bought a home…

  1. Style Matters

This podcast is hosted by Zandra who has a decorating blog “the little yellow couch” as well.  It has lots of tips on home improvement and DIY. In the podcast, she interviews designer, friends, and homeowner. On her blog, you can find lots of pictures for inspiration.

  1. Downsize with Style

This podcast is hosted by German interior designer  Bettina Deda. She has some good topics on De-cluttering, Colour Psychology, Makeover, and Down-sizing. There is a blog with more in-depth knowledge to go with the podcast.

  1. Business of Design

The podcast is hosted by  Kimberley Seldon. Here you can meet design professionals and get lots of insider knowledge to grow your business.

  1. The Millenial Homemaker

One of my favorite podcasts hosted by Jackie Alexander and Jaclyn Humble. Lots of episodes available on home decorating, hostessing, homemaking and lifestyle tips. Love to listen to it while I am cooking.


I hope you will enjoy our selection and get hooked on podcasts like myself. Let me know which one is your favorite…


Best Sandra