Achieving a Colorful and Spacious Room Design

Whether you are moving into a new apartment or still maintaining the old one, decorating the home with a well put together collected furniture designs and effective use of the space can make a home look like a paradise on earth regardless.

However having a room look clean, tinted or moody whichever decor sense you trying to create does not necessarily mean everything in the room must be an all made expensive designs. It’s just about how well you can arrange those furniture, curtains, or the graphic prints to make the room look bit artistic and colorful.

Don’t let it look too scruffy by trying to fix in too many furniture and some unnecessary design that seems not to be necessary. However, you can try out some tips here, likely to make your room colorful and spacious.

  • If it is your room, then you should have an idea of how you want it to look. Most of the mistakes made by many homes is having no idea of how they would want their room(s) to look and that’s why the room(s) gets too packed up with so many things. Without knowing if they are trying to create a contemporary, vintage or even a mid-century modern decor. However, even with the slight idea, it is also advisable you meet your decorator so you can mash up ideas and get the best of it.
  • Get the house tinted with a color that best goes with the decor style. Regardless of the numbers of rooms in a house, going in one color scheme plays itself out in different ways in different rooms. It makes it look more collected and clean. So try to figure out the color that will mash-up with the idea.
  • In designing the room, graphic prints can make the room look more attractive. Some of these bohemian graphic designs is an easy way to add visual patterns in the room. Most of the prints come with different design patterns, but a very colorful and artistic design is best for a moody decor style.
  • However, some of the excuses to why some ladies throw their bags or shoes to the floor are because they never had storage to fix them. Interestingly, having well-tailored furniture in those storage nooks well built to the walls can help save up some space instead of throwing them randomly. It does a lot in making the room look more arranged while everything seems to be accessible.
  • Going neutral is another way of making contrasting decor look mild and spacious. It creates an illusion in the mind’s eye that makes you think everywhere is spaced and moody even though there has been a lot of color splash from the curtains, chairs, and other furniture.

But in case you are in an old apartment, like those of the 80’S you can try to balance up the old and new decor style by just trying the vintage style while keeping it’ origin.


Best Sandra