Father Ted Reimagined

Past interior trends

When it comes to interior trends, it’s safe to say each decade is known for having its own home trends. Although there isn’t a clear start or finish with these and some years may overlap, the years definitely came with their own modern twist.

Who can remember the interiors of yesteryears? The 90’s seemed to consist of lava lamps and inflatable chairs in every other room, which may have been pleasing to the eye… at the time. I would like to think we will never go back to those trends, but who’s to know what may be deemed trendy in years to come. The lava lamp did make its comeback from the 70’s after all.

The Power of TV

When it comes to interiors, the power of TV shows is pretty unbelievable.  A lot of interiors have been inspired by what they have seen on TV and rightly so. There are a number of iconic living spaces we can think of when it comes to TV shows, with Friends topping that list. The purple walls, whacky decor and huge living area made for the perfect quirky and cool hangout that everyone yearned for.  Some TV shows on the other hand, made us feel the complete opposite.

Father Ted was a show that engraved itself into British culture, being endlessly referred to and quoted still today. The shows living area was also iconic but not for the right reasons! Their living area is infamously dull, grimy and usually cluttered. So what would Father Ted’s house look like in 2019? Chill Insurance has produced #FatherTedReimagined a great asset that has recreated his living space using the most popular interior trends of today.

Home Haven interview with Chill Insurance

Living walls & Sustainable living

One that caught my eye is their “Living Walls” creation. With plants and sustainable living being a big trend in houses over the last couple of years, I feel like this will continue to expand as the world becomes more environmentally conscious.  Not only is this interior pleasing to the eye, but it can also dramatically improve the air humidly and air quality in your house.

Plants are able to cool down their surrounding environment from anywhere between 3-7 °c, reducing the need for AirCon on a hot summers day which is less damaging to the environment.  It is also said that Living Wall interiors can help reduce stress levels which is just what you need to come home to after a long day at work.

Design tips

The design of this living space is simplistic, although it looks like there isn’t much furniture, the room looks far from empty. The dark furniture almost blends into the room and we are drawn to the beauty of the walls. Wooden delivery is omnipresent within forestry so a dark Oakwood coffee table would be the perfect match for this living room.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, a pinewood table would do just the job.  With bold colors in the room it’s all about creating balance, make sure you pair your bold shade with a calmer, neutral shade. The chairs, for example, the dark brown sofa and chairs are perfectly balanced with the creamy white cushions. There are plenty of ways to achieve this great look.

This is my favorite style of Father Ted’s interior, however, there are plenty more that Chill has created too. They also recently interviewed me for my top 5 interior style tips for 2019 over on their blog.

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