Give your bedroom a new look – 8 Styling Tips

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Our bedrooms are a very personal and private space – it is also where we spend most of our time in.

To create a retreat for yourself, update your current bedroom and use these easy styling tips:

Bedroom green
Get some new bed linen every couple of months.

1.Update your bedding

I love to buy some new bed linen every couple of months. Its an easy way to change the color scheme and it freshen up a room instantly.

2.Pick a theme

Depending on the size and layout of your bedroom choose a new wall color or wallpaper for a statement wall. You can go bold or keep it neutral if you prefer the minimalist look. Check out our new range of tropical inspired wallpaper.

3. Oversized Headboard

Every room needs a focal point.  Usually  the focal point is the head of the bed, which you can dress up with bold pillows. When decorating small spaces, your eye might also be attracted to the window. You can place the bed in front of the window to neutralize both.  As well if the bedroom is very small you may choose a bed without headboard to have the extra space.



setting of bed room with dusty flowerpot
Get gorgeous lighting

4. Interesting Night Stands

Invest in natural oak , up-cycle your current ones in any color or use floating shelves. Its your choice! Add industrial accessories, candles or interesting night lights to create a highlight in your bedroom.


5. Flair with Ceiling Light

You can get gorgeous lighting to create a dramatic look in your room. Choose a chandelier, boho inspired lights or go industrial.


6. Add Texture and Pattern

I love monochromatic pattern and they go well with any theme. Select cushions and throws to compliment your current colour scheme. As well Sheep skins look great in every bedroom and they add extra texture.



bedroom plant home decor
Add greenery

7. Accent Chair

A room has more than one area to unwind. A great chair to sit down will serve you well when you’re reading or need to have a conversation with your partner. It’s also great for putting on shoes or checking email so you can leave tech out of your bed.


8. Add Greenery

I love plants everywhere in the house and they instantly change the atmosphere in a room. Choose hanging plants, floor plants or variety of smaller plants.






I hope you find these simple styling tips useful and I would love to see you use apply it in your space. Drop us an email or tag & follow us on social media. Click on the icons below.

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